Temporary post to explain the following two (until I have the instruction post ready)
Ok so as a first step to setting up this community I have prepared the following two posts Yay and Nay.  Those two posts will remain on the community when this one is deleted after I have finished the Introduction/Instructions post.

Yay and Nay are to be used by authors and artists to indicate if they grant permission for their work to be archived here.

Yay is where authors should post if they would like to grant permission for their work to be posted here
Nay is where authors can refuse permission to have their works posted here

Authors may choose to grant permission for specific works while denying rights to other works.  If one would like to do this make a post in Yay listing the specific titles you would like to allow and make another post in Nay listing titles you don't want posted (if another title is listed under neither I will automatically assume it is a no and not allow it to be posted until permission is either granted or denied -  the community is set so all posts must be approved by me)

If an author would like their work archived but don't want anyone else to format or edit it please post your notice in Nay with a note that it is ok to convert to PDF and post what is sent by you.

Yay - Permission Granted

If you would like to grant permission for your work to be Archived on this community in PDF format please leave a comment to this post along the line of the following


"I _______ grant permission for all/specific works to be posted on the tf_pdf_ archive." (If you only what specific titles archived please list what specific works you would like to allow)

Nay - Permission Denied
Please reply to this post if you wish to deny

Deny all or specific titles of your work from being archived here.  (If you want to deny specific titles please list them
            "I ________ request that all/ specific works not be archived on the tf_pdf_ archive."

If you wish to reserve all rights to format and edit your work yourself (please include a note stating that titles sent to me by you are ok for me to convert to PDF and post)
            " I _______ request that none of my works be posted unless sent by me directly to the administrator KageOkami666 for conversion to PDF (if necessary) and posting"

Note to All Community Members and Guests:
 Please do not harass or pester the those who post to this entry, it is their right to decide if they do not want their work posted to this community.  Please be warned that if I receive complaints that people are being harassed in regards to this community I WILL remove open membership from this community, make all entries members only, and I will ban all who are reported to me

Welcome All!!!
Hello  and welcome!

*Cricket noises* 

Soo...Yeah not much to see at the moment as I have to figure out what I'm doing and how exactly I want to do it.

What I plan to do here is archive Transformers fanworks (primarily fanfiction but I'm considering the possibility of other stuff too - rp logs) in PDF format so that people can find, share, and download (for reading on the go purposes) fanfiction quickly and easily.

How I plan to do this is if people want their works archived here they can send me their work either as a word document (preferably formatted as you want it to appear) or if people don't have Microsoft word or just don't have the time to format you can send me links to all the parts of your fiction and I will format it (Warning - depending on work load and RL, this option could take a while) and convert it into a PDF to be posted here.

And don't think the story has to be complete and absolutely perfect before you send it in for archive either. If you make changes (find mistakes that need changing, add a chapter, etc) I will replace the previous version of the story with the new (I will also try to have a last updated or posted date listed next to each PDF link along with a status complete/ongoing/complete but unfinished/etc so people can check if there have been changes to the file since they visited last)

Note: I do not beta or edit so if you want your works beta read you must find a yourself a beta (I will see about posting links to communities where you can find a beta in the profile)

I'll go into details about what I would prefer Authors to include in their word document in a separate post that I will link to the top of the community (easy things like a title page and links where you would prefer people to leave comments)

I will also link to the top a place where authors can leave their permission for people to archive their works here (that way authors don't have to get bogged down sending all of their stuff and others who have time can format it for them )

I would also like to add links to the various Transformers communities in the profile page

For now this community will be a little bare (until I get some time to finish setting everything up and get some samples formatted)  but I hope to get this to a point where we can have a one stop location to find what your looking for.


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