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Nay - Permission Denied
kageokami666 wrote in tf_pdf_archive
Please reply to this post if you wish to deny

Deny all or specific titles of your work from being archived here.  (If you want to deny specific titles please list them
            "I ________ request that all/ specific works not be archived on the tf_pdf_ archive."

If you wish to reserve all rights to format and edit your work yourself (please include a note stating that titles sent to me by you are ok for me to convert to PDF and post)
            " I _______ request that none of my works be posted unless sent by me directly to the administrator KageOkami666 for conversion to PDF (if necessary) and posting"

Note to All Community Members and Guests:
 Please do not harass or pester the those who post to this entry, it is their right to decide if they do not want their work posted to this community.  Please be warned that if I receive complaints that people are being harassed in regards to this community I WILL remove open membership from this community, make all entries members only, and I will ban all who are reported to me


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