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Temporary post to explain the following two (until I have the instruction post ready)
kageokami666 wrote in tf_pdf_archive
Ok so as a first step to setting up this community I have prepared the following two posts Yay and Nay.  Those two posts will remain on the community when this one is deleted after I have finished the Introduction/Instructions post.

Yay and Nay are to be used by authors and artists to indicate if they grant permission for their work to be archived here.

Yay is where authors should post if they would like to grant permission for their work to be posted here
Nay is where authors can refuse permission to have their works posted here

Authors may choose to grant permission for specific works while denying rights to other works.  If one would like to do this make a post in Yay listing the specific titles you would like to allow and make another post in Nay listing titles you don't want posted (if another title is listed under neither I will automatically assume it is a no and not allow it to be posted until permission is either granted or denied -  the community is set so all posts must be approved by me)

If an author would like their work archived but don't want anyone else to format or edit it please post your notice in Nay with a note that it is ok to convert to PDF and post what is sent by you.


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