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Welcome All!!!
kageokami666 wrote in tf_pdf_archive
Hello  and welcome!

*Cricket noises* 

Soo...Yeah not much to see at the moment as I have to figure out what I'm doing and how exactly I want to do it.

What I plan to do here is archive Transformers fanworks (primarily fanfiction but I'm considering the possibility of other stuff too - rp logs) in PDF format so that people can find, share, and download (for reading on the go purposes) fanfiction quickly and easily.

How I plan to do this is if people want their works archived here they can send me their work either as a word document (preferably formatted as you want it to appear) or if people don't have Microsoft word or just don't have the time to format you can send me links to all the parts of your fiction and I will format it (Warning - depending on work load and RL, this option could take a while) and convert it into a PDF to be posted here.

And don't think the story has to be complete and absolutely perfect before you send it in for archive either. If you make changes (find mistakes that need changing, add a chapter, etc) I will replace the previous version of the story with the new (I will also try to have a last updated or posted date listed next to each PDF link along with a status complete/ongoing/complete but unfinished/etc so people can check if there have been changes to the file since they visited last)

Note: I do not beta or edit so if you want your works beta read you must find a yourself a beta (I will see about posting links to communities where you can find a beta in the profile)

I'll go into details about what I would prefer Authors to include in their word document in a separate post that I will link to the top of the community (easy things like a title page and links where you would prefer people to leave comments)

I will also link to the top a place where authors can leave their permission for people to archive their works here (that way authors don't have to get bogged down sending all of their stuff and others who have time can format it for them )

I would also like to add links to the various Transformers communities in the profile page

For now this community will be a little bare (until I get some time to finish setting everything up and get some samples formatted)  but I hope to get this to a point where we can have a one stop location to find what your looking for.

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I think this is an awesome idea. How can I help promote it? There are some amazing fanfics that are no longer up at or transfictions. It would be SO cool to convince said authors to archive here. I am thinking of one in particular that I will email and ask if you don't mind.

Thank you for your interest.

Promoting the community at this point has just been pretty non-existent since I've been dilly-dallying in setting up the important stuff (creating a set procedures, designing examples, typing up a general disclaimer for people to use). So if you would like to help promote the community please feel free to do so in whatever manner you feel is most appropriate.

I would definitely be willing to work with authors who wish to no longer post their work elsewhere. I understand some authors do pull their fan writing when they are working to become a professional writer because they don't want to start their career with any stigmas or issues that may come from being part of the fan community (like risk of being sued by a fan fiction writer that claims he/she stole their idea).

In such cases (or if an author just no longer wishes to be associated with their prior works - whatever the reason) if the author would like I can put all of their work together in one bookmarked PDF (and/or e-book file - once I know what I'm doing) with the author marked as Anonymous#### (I would include a number sequence just to differentiate between others who may also wish to remain anonymous)

So please feel free to contact any authors you feel may be willing to have their work posted, though one thing I ask is if they do say no please indicate/have them indicate their wish for their works to never be posted on the community in the "Nay - Permission Denied" post (that way others know not to pester the same person seeking that they post here)

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